Intervention ROVs

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JFD's bespoke intervention ROV system is specially designed for rapid deployment and ease of installation to a variety of vessels, critical in reducing time to first intervention.

In the submarine rescue environment, reducing the time to first intervention is critical in any rescue effort. Perfecting the balance between capability and transportability is key. That's why JFD has developed an extremely portable intervention ROV system - a design which is continuously refined through years of operational experience.

JFD can also provide both fly-away and permanently installed intervention remotely operated vehicle (ROV) solutions as required.

Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems are capable of carrying out a wide variety of tasks, but they require very specialist tooling and support arrangements in order to provide the level of capability and flexibility required to carry out submarine intervention.

Ultimately, a dedicated intervention ROV is designed to maximise the opportunity of reaching the crew of a distressed submarine in as short a time as possible; maximising the possibility of a successful rescue.



Fly-away intervention ROV system


  • Mobile and versatile, the system is entirely integrated on to a single 20’ ISO base.
  • Core system fits comfortably within 17m deck space.
  • Total weight: less than 12 tonnes.
  • System centre of gravity arranged to minimise welding.
  • With optional power supply, can be mobilised with minimal welding and fully independent of ship‘s services.
  • Optimised for rapid deployment by road and air.
  • Complete life-support supplies store available as an optimised 10’ ISO container.
  • Integrated crane, sheaves and towing winches. 
  • Packaged in short-height ISO containers suitable for transportation in a C130 Hercules.


Permanently installed ROV system

  • Inherently simpler to operate and maintain than a fully-portable system.
  • Allows for the use of a heavier or more powerful ROV than possible with a fly-away system.


  • ELSS delivery: pod grabs.
  • Atmosphere sampling equipment.
  • Cable cutters.
  • Mud-pump.
  • Specialist manipulators.
  • Sub-sea instrumentation including geiger counter.
  • Debris clearance tools.
  • High salvage point adapters and DSDS fittings.
  • Hot-tap oil sampling.


Configuration Footprint
Core intervention ROV system 17m2

Core system + optional ELSS container




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