Training Facilities

JFD ensures to make use of assets and facilities to enhance the practical elements of their courses.

JFD has classroom facilities in global locations which provide delegates with a comfortable learning environment.

Where relevant, students are also given access to JFD's in house facilities such as their saturation diving system and dive tank to allow for a hands on learning experience best preparing them for their role within the industry.


NHC Saturation System


The National Hyperbaric Centre’s 16 man chamber comprises of two 8 man twin lock living chambers fitted with bunks, showers, toilets, video and entertainment systems for the divers to inhabit for up to 28 days whilst conducting hyperbaric operations.

The transfer under pressure (TUP) chamber permits the divers to descend from the system whilst at pressure into the work chamber.

The TUP also acts as a large volume diving bell and is ideal for training purposes for saturation divers. It is fitted out with a diver control panel, umbilical’s and racks, diver recovery hoist and video cameras just like a diving bell.

During the Assistant Life Support Technician, Bell Diving Supervisor and Mechanical Dive Technician courses, trainees will get hand on experience of working with the chambers. We have now introduced our chambers into the Diver Medic Technician syllabus, where the practical elements of the course require students to deal with medical scenarios out with the comfort of a classroom and are plunged into the confines of a saturation system.

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NHC Control Room



The National Hyperbaric Centre control room is used daily as a full functioning control room and links to the 16 man saturation system and medical chamber. 

Assistant Life Support and Dive Supervisor students benefit from being able to learn within this realistic environment.  

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Dive Tank


Outdoors on hard standing in the yard is the Centre’s shallow water test tank. This steel tank is 12 metres in diameter and has a depth of 8 metres and can be used for a variety of in-water testing including diving, ROV trials and subsea equipment testing.

Commercially available cranes can lift equipment from trucks or ground level and deposit them into the tank. The tank has a small 500Kg hoist for the transfer of small equipment to the tank level and also deployment into the tank. A variety of equipment can be made available to simulate components of structures and subsea production/exploration systems.

The Dive Tank is ideal for diver training and trials as it provides a safe and controlled environment with viewing areas and control room.

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JFD has various classroom facilities in locations worldwide.

We also have various purpose built classrooms fitted with work benches ideal for technical and practical courses.  

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