TC1150 transport chamber

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The TC1150 transport chamber incorporates an integral trolley with detachable tow-bar making it easily manoeuvrable by one person and ideal for supporting detached diving operations.

Used for on-site recompression treatments and for transporting divers under pressure to larger treatment chambers, the TC1150 incorporates an integral trolley with detachable tow-bar, making it highly mobile and manoeuvrable by one person.

Fully transportable by helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft or light pick-up truck, the TC1150 also has an optional non-magnetic version, the TC1150 - MCM transport chamber, available for use aboard mine countermeasure vessels.

TC1150 transport chamber and NSRS TC1150 transport chamber TC1150 transport chamber inside view

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Design code ASME VIII Div. 1 and ASME PVHO-1
Certification authority Lloyd's Register
Maximum depth rating 60 MSW
Material of construction Duplex stainless steel
Volume 1500 litres
Inside diameter 1150mm
Overall length 2750mm
Overall height 1600mm
Overall width 1560mm
Gross weight 410 kgs without onboard air and oxygen supplies
515 kgs with onboard air and oxygen supplies




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TC1150 transport chamber TC1150BB




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TC1150 transport chamber Datasheet TC-MDS-751 R1