Chamber conditioning CCU-06


JFD's Divex chamber conditioning unit CCU-06 has been designed for use in hyperbaric environments, both air and heliox, for temperature and humidity control.

It is rated to depths of 500 MSW and form part of the extensive range of Divex hyperbaric environment conditioning equipment. The CCU-06 has been specifically designed for heating, cooling and dehumidification.

The unit may be mounted in any convenient space within the chamber where an even flow of circulating gas can be ensured, usually below chamber bunks. Flexible ducting may be added to the blower outlet to ensure adequate circulation, or to direct circulation into the required areas.

Interconnecting fluid supply pipework, shell stop valves, chamber temperature/humidity monitoring equipment and fluid temperature control systems, are not specified as these will tend to be unique for each application. The end-user should ensure these items are provided and installed to acceptable standards.


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Components contained in the chamber conditioning units include:

  • Coil assembly: heating and cooling coils fitted to common end plates forming a single coil assembly, mounted inside the heat exchanger box. Chamber atmosphere first passes through the cooling coil and then through the heating coil.
  • Heat exchanger box: encloses heat exchanger assembly and includes hot and cold water connection ports and condensation drain ports for the CCU-06. Mounted onto plenum or duct assembly.
  • Plenum or air duct assembly: positioned between the heat exchanger assembly and the blower assembly and includes mounting brackets.
  • Blower assembly: produces the flow of breathing gas and includes electric motor.


 *These are calculated values that need to be verified by testing in hyperbaric environments.



Electrical requirements

24 VDC, ± 2A

Air volume moved

Up to 2m3/min

Chilling/heating capacity*

500 W @ 0 msw
4000 W @ 100 msw
8000 W @ 300 msw

Condensation removal rate*

0.2 ltrs/min

Cooling/heating liquid

25 ltrs/min


Cold @ 2ºC, Hot @ 60ºC

Coil construction

Copper fins, stainless steel tubes and end plates

Housing and blower assembly

Gr. 316 stainless steel

Heating/chilling fluid ports

1/2" NPT (F)
Condensate drain ports 1/2" NPT (F) x 4 off

Coil external pressure test

65 bar (hydro)

Assembly leak test

50 bar (helium)

Mounting orientation

Radiator fin plates in vertical plane for condensate drainage


Item Order Code

Chamber conditioning unit CCU-06, standard


Chamber conditioning unit CCU-06, Lloyds approved


Chamber conditioning  unit CCU-06, DNV approved 


Chamber conditioning unit CCU-06, ABS approved



Document Document type Download

Kinergetics chamber conditioning unit CCU-06


KI-MDS-570 R1

Chamber Conditioning Unit, CCU‐06, Part number: KI40053

Operation & Maintenance Manual

EC-OM-6847 R3

Kinergetics chamber conditioning unit CCU-06, axial blower 45 bar

Drawing KI40053S1 R1