Hyperbaric conditioning unit

JFD's hyperbaric conditioning unit - external regeneration (HCU-ER) conditions the internal atmosphere of a saturation diving complex to maintain a habitable environment.

The external regeneration system provides increased diver comfort by having the system placed outside of the living chambers.

The HCU-ER HCU100 series offers uninterrupted operation through its twin scrubber design, enabling the change out of chemical absorbent whilst maintaining habitat conditioning capability.

The HCU-ER HCU100 series extracts gas from the chamber into the active scrubber, injecting additional moisture to improve scrubbing capacity. The gas passes through the chemical absorbent which retains any CO2 present in the gas.

Gas is then transferred to the dehumidifier where it passes over a cold water coil. This coil has the effect of lowering the gas to a temperature below its dew point; reducing relative humidity and enabling the collection of condensation in the dehumidifier sump.

The 3-stage blower then accelerates the gas into the heater where a hot water coil increases the gas temperature. The fully reconditioned gas is then circulated back into the chamber.

Local control via HMI allows the operator to view at a glance chamber temperature, humidity, blower speed and alarms; as well as establish set points for these criteria and run system tests. Essential to the operation of the HCU-ER is the supply of 440VAC, 3~, 60Hz, which is transformed and rectified to 24VDC by the integral HCU transformer.




Design depth

350 msw

PV design code



316L stainless steel

Max no of occupants supported

6 compressed divers

Min operating depth

0 msw

Max operating depth

350 msw

Working pressure

35 bar

Test pressure

46 bar

Design temperature

-20ºC to 80ºC
3” ANSI B16.5 class
300 RF flange

Gas outlet

3” ANSI B16.5 class
300 RF flange

Gas reclaim

1/2” FNPT

Hot water inlet

3/4” FNPT

Hot water outlet

3/4” FNPT
Cold water inlet 3/4” FNPT
Cold water outlet 3/4” FNPT

Water injection

1/2” FNPT

Drain line

1/2” FNPT

CO2 scrubber


17.6 kg (8.8 kg per basket)

3-stage variable speed blower

Max Rpm

7000 Rpm

Gas flow

2.8 m3/min-1


Cooling capacity

Max 10 kW

Water removal

780 ml/hr at 50% RH


Heating capacity

Max 10 kW


Temperature control

22ºC to 32ºC +/- 1ºC
(+/- 0.5ºC tgt max var)

Humidity control

40% to 65% RH +/- 5%

Dimensions HCU100BA


2000 mm


1200 mm


1850 mm


1400 kg

Hot water requirement

Min flow

20 Lpm

Min temp


Min pressure

4 bar

Cold water requirement

Min flow

20 Lpm

Min temp 2ºC
Min pressure

4 bar

Fresh/potable water requirement 

Min flow

5Lpm with 10μm filtration

Min temp


Min pressure

45 bar

Power requirement

Power requirement

440VAC, 3~ , 60Hz


Item Order Code

Hyperbaric conditioning unit – external regeneration (HCU-ER) single scrubber



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Hyperbaric conditioning unit - external regeneration HCU-ER


KI-MDS-567 R1

Hyperbaric conditioning unit - external regeneration HCU-ER - single scrubber pot, 350 msw (HCU100BA series)

Operation and maintenance HCU100-OM-6739 R0