Gasmizer / Gaspure chemicals

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For efficiency, correct chemical balance, cleanliness and pure convenience, JFD offers pre- packaged cartridges for both the Electric Gasmizer diver gas recovery system and the Gaspure chamber gas recovery system.

 Gaspure Chemicals - SMALL.jpg Each cartridge contains Sodalime loaded in the correct proportions for eight man-hours of diving (dependant upon conditions). Simply unscrew the filter-tower, pull the old one out, insert the new one, reseal, and you're back diving - no fuss, no mess. Each cartridge is suitable for 8 man hours diving.
Order codes

Gasmizer conditioner (Pallet pack of 12 boxes): A10480
Gasmizer conditioner (1 box of 4 cartridges): B1562A

Gasmizer chemcials - SMALL.jpg A similarly convenient cartridge concept, but containing a chemical filter bed to remove carbon dioxide and odours, and carbon monoxide from the chamber environment to suit the Divex Gaspure System. Each cartridge will process up to 100,000 cu.ft (2.832 cu.m) of gas.
Order codes

Gaspure conditioner (Pallet pack of 10 boxes of capsules and 1 catalyst): A17790
Gaspure conditioner (1 box of 4 cartridges): B1591A
Gaspure catalyst cartridge (Will process 1,000,000 cubic feet): B1592A

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Gasmizer / Gaspure chemicals Datasheet

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