Divex G21-2 O2 analyser

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Temperature compensated, the Divex G21-2 oxygen analyser provides users with a reliable and quick response.

The G21-2 analyser monitors oxygen concentrations ranging from 0.00 to 19.99% and 00.0% to 100%. Typical applications include monitoring the gas supply to a recompression chamber or O2 level in the chamber and general testing of O2 levels in cylinder gases.

The remote sensor is connected to the monitor by a 3 meter lead, and the ABS case makes it highly resistant to impact.


Divex G21-2 O2 analyser

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Range 1

0.0 to 19.99% oxygen at atmospheric pressure

Range 2

00.0% - 100% oxygen at atmospheric pressure

Sensor accuracy

± 1% at constant temperature

LCD reading


Temperature range

-10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)

Sensor life

Up to 18 months plus (guaranteed 15 months) in 21% O2 or less


4 x AA batteries

Battery life

One month, reducing according to use of alarms


147 x 215 x 66 mm


600 grams, plus 30 grams for sensor



6 months


12 months


Can be supplied to operate from 24 volts AC-DC

  • Remote sensor connected to monitor by a 3 meter lead
  • Gas flow adaptor, available separately, may be attached to the sensor for piped gas samples
  • Temperature compensated
  • Chopper stabilised amplifier for enhanced stability
  • Large LCD display with On/Off switch
  • Jack socket for remote sensor input
  • Integral sensor is isolated when remote sensor is connected
  • Calibration adjustment facility
  • Audible and visible high/low Oxygen alarms
  • 2 high intensity LEDs and an audible alarm will signal when the oxygen level is outside preset limits.
  • Mute switch enables audible alarm to be silenced but the appropriate LED will remain on until the oxygen level is within the limits.
  • Oxygen level limits set by two lockable potentiometers on the front panel
  • ABS case, highly resistant to impact, has two swing out feet for angled display


Item Order Code
G21-2 Divex portable O2 analyser G21-2
Replacement sensor DD630138




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Datasheet Divex G21-2 O2 analyser

GA-MDS-536 R0