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JFD's DiveX-Vision is a complete divers' communication system which includes underwater video.

The DiveX-Vision surface control unit has a 15.3” LCD wide-angle screen with data overlay, split screen viewing and editing features.

It allows up to 30 hours recording, stored within the unit itself, which can be downloaded via various ports to other displays, recording mediums, etc. There are dual camera and infinitely variable lamp power supplies, rubberised alpha numeric keyboard and battery back-up for the divers' communications (2 divers and tender) all built into a rugged waterproof case.

DiveX-Vision CT3008 camera CT4003 LED lamp Video cable

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Item Order code
DiveX-Vision TV35428
CT3008 inspection camera TV104305
CT4003 underwater LED light TV104306
External hard drive TV104307
Type Document Download
Datasheet DiveX-Vision

TV-MDS-709 R0

Datasheet CT3008 inspection camera

TV-MDS-710 R0

Datasheet CT4003 underwater LED light

TV-MDS-711 R0