HeliCom™ matrix

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The Divex HeliCom™ matrix communications system has been designed for helium speech communications with the occupants of a complete saturation chamber complex.

Conveniently manufactured into a standard 19” rack, the HeliCom™ matrix system consists of communication, entertainment and telephone systems.

HeliCom™ matrix HeliCom™ matrix HeliCom™ matrix HeliCom™ matrix HeliCom™ matrix

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  • Touch screen human–machine interface (HMI) with 3 main screens:
    • Group screen – where any of the 32 channels can be grouped together to allow open comms conversation
    • Volume screen – where any channel's microphone or earphone volume can be adjusted
    • Telephone screen – where any channel can be patched into an out-going or incoming telephone call
  • Entertainments system where any lock or bunk can have one of 3 audio feeds available to listen to
  • Manual or automatic unscrambling:
    • Manual – adjust the depth potentiometer to required depth as, and when, depth changes take place
    • Automatic – unscrambler receives data from the chamber and automatically tracks the chamber depth and adjusts to suit
  • Matrix system – digital matrix which controls all data sent from the touch screen HMI and chamber comms/bunk boxes. There is a master matrix for use with the main communications system and a backup matrix for use with the backup communications system
  • Backup communications system - integrated communications system for use in the event of a failure with the main communications system. Simple switch over between main system and backup system
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Datasheet HeliCom™ matrix communications system

CO-MDS-488 R0

Manual HeliCom™ matrix communications system operation and maintenance CO-OM-361 R1