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Offering unparalleled levels of mission flexibility, Shadow has established itself as the industry leading underwater life support system for operational capability and performance.

Latest developments include a systems approach to integrating life support and combat equipment. This includes a rapid clip-on / clip-off interface with ballistic protection vest, use of nitrox for diving below the safe depth of oxygen and a back mount option optimised for use with manned free flooding submersible vehicles.





Mission specific upgrade options



Shadow Excursion includes a nitrox kit which facilitates greater depth capability for a range of mission profiles that may include:

• Submarine exit / entry

• Very Shallow Water (VSW) Mine Countermeasures (MCM)

• Amphibious beach reconnaissance

• Direct action below safe depth of oxygen

• Free flooding submersible operations



Nitrox reconfiguration is readily undertaken by the user in the field in a matter of minutes without the use of tools.

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The back mount kit enables the standard front mount Shadow to be back worn providing ready access to mission equipment and is suitable for a range of mission profiles that include:

• Over the beach operations

• Diver propulsion vehicles

• Swimmer delivery vehicles



The reconfiguration to back mount is readily undertaken by the user in the field in a matter of minutes without the use of tools. The back mount variant may be worn as a stand-alone rebreather or interfaced with a ballistic protection vest.



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 Shadow Ballistic Protection vest SNIGEL.png


The ballistic protection vest and clip-on / clip-off kit provided in collaboration with SnigelDesign offers a systems approach to the carriage of the underwater life support system and mission critical equipment.



• Easy rebreather clip-on / clip-off

• Hard plate protection up to 7.62mm NATO round

• Optional neck, shoulder, upper arm and groin protection modules

• MOLLE webbing system

• Wide range of pockets, pouches and ancillary equipment holders

• Optional life preserver emergency inflation collar module

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Shadow Rebreather PROD6.jpg Shadow Rebreather PROD1.jpg Shadow Rebreather PROD3.jpg Shadow Rebreather PROD8 back mount.jpg Shadow Rebreather PROD5.jpg



When configured for oxygen use, via a first stage pressure reducer, oxygen is supplied from the pressure vessel (cylinder) to a demand valve that automatically adds oxygen to the re-circulation sub-system.

One-way check valves in the breathing hose mouthpiece assembly ensures exhaled breathing gas is re-circulated through a long endurance scrubber canister that removes exhaled CO2 prior to re-inhalation. A readily accessible submersible pressure gauge enables continual monitoring of oxygen pressure vessel.

When configured with the nitrox kit, Shadow may be used in either oxygen or nitrox mode. To access the nitrox gas
supply stored in a separate pressure vessel (cylinder), the diver rotates a multi-turn gas switch-over valve that enables a constant mass flow of nitrox gas (60% oxygen / 40% nitrogen) into the re-circulation sub-system at 6 litres per minute. Following a gas switch from oxygen to nitrox, the diver may descend to a recommended maximum depth of 24msw.



• Front and back mount options

• Oxygen or combined oxygen / nitrox

• Simple pre and post dive procedures

• Ballistic protection vest interface

• Long duration capability

• Superior work of breathing performance

• Simple and rugged design

• Operationally proven worldwide

• Readily field maintained

• Low magnetic and acoustic signatures



• Configuration flexibility

• Fully user serviceable

• Minimised maintenance

• Through life cost reduction

• Comprehensive maintenance training packages

• Reduced user and maintainer training

• Reduced documentation

• Common spares across the rebreather range

• Standardised operating procedures

• Enhanced safety



  • Oxygen or combined oxygen / nitrox configurations
  • Maximum depth: 
    • 15msw (oxygen configuration)*
    • 24msw (nitrox configuration)*
  • 4 hour canister duration at a metabolic CO2 production rate of 1.6 l/min (40RMV) in 4°C water**
  • Optimised counter lung position to minimise hydrostatic imbalance
  • Reduced breathing gas flow restrictions to minimise resistive effort (low work of breathing)
  • Operationally proven worldwide from arctic to tropical climates
  • 300 bar pressure vessel (cylinder)
  • Automatic demand valve that serves as a manual bypass valve
  • Harness options:
    • Stand-alone rebreather for training / operations
    • Ballistic protection vest clip-on / off interface
  • User configurable to suit mission profiles
  • MOLLE webbing system to facilitate the interface of ancillary equipment
  • Reinforced double layer counter lung
  • Low magnetic and acoustic signatures
  • Low weight to performance ratio

* In accordance with local oxygen partial pressure depth / time exposure regulations.

** Canister duration in excess of 5hrs at lower breathing rates and / or in warm water.


Since its launch in 2003, the unique features and advanced design of Shadow has played an instrumental role in the development of Special Operations underwater mission capability.

Continual design evolution in response to customer specific requirements ensures Shadow continues to offer unparalleled levels of safety, performance and capability across a broad mission spectrum and remains the underwater life support system choice for Special Operations around the world.



 BCJ.png  bailout system.png  weight vest.png


•  Collar-style adjustable buoyancy

•  Intermediate pressure inflation

•  Oral inflation

•  Rugged single skin design


•  Independent system for emergency ascent

•  300 bar cylinder

•  Low work of breathing

•  Readily accessible submersible pressure gauge


•  Emergency quick release

•  Comfortable waistcoat design

•  Use in training or operational dives

•  Various tactical colour

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