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Designed to meet the evolving operational roles of maritime law enforcement and special operations, its unique design offers unparalleled performance and mission flexibility whilst minimising size and weight.

The use of pre-packaged ExtendAir® cartridges ensures consistent CO2 scrubbing performance and simplifies
scrubber canister filling, whilst providing low work of breathing, thereby reducing diver fatigue.








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Via a first stage pressure reducer, oxygen is supplied from the pressure vessel (cylinder) to a demand valve that automatically adds oxygen to the re-circulation sub-system.

One-way check valves in the breathing hose mouthpiece assembly ensures exhaled breathing gas is re-circulated through the ExtendAir® cartridge that removes exhaled CO2 prior to re-inhalation. A readily accessible submersible pressure gauge enables continual monitoring of oxygen pressure vessel.



• Simple pre and post dive procedures

• Superior work of breathing performance

• Simple and rugged design

• Readily field maintained

• Low magnetic and acoustic signatures



• Fully user serviceable

• Minimised maintenance

• Comprehensive maintenance training packages

• Enhanced safety



  • Lightweight compact design
  • Simplified pre / post dive procedures
  • Maximum depth:
    • 15msw (oxygen)*
  • 2 hour canister duration at a metabolic CO2 production rate of 1.6 l/min (40RMV) in 4°C water**
  • Optimised counter lung position to minimise hydrostatic imbalance
  • Reduced breathing gas flow restrictions to minimise resistive effort (low work of breathing)
  • Operationally proven worldwide from arctic to tropical climates
  • 300 bar pressure vessel (cylinder)
  • Automatic demand valve that serves as a manual bypass valve
  • Harness options:
  • Stand-alone rebreather for training / operations
  • Ballistic protection vest clip-on / off interface
  • MOLLE webbing system to facilitate the interface of ancillary equipment
  • Reinforced double layer counter lung
  • Low magnetic and acoustic signatures

* In accordance with local oxygen partial pressure depth / time exposure regulations.

** Canister duration in excess of 2hrs at lower breathing rates and / or in warm water.


ExtendAir® Benefits

  • Extremely low work of breathing
  • Consistent CO2 scrubbing performance
  • No requirement to pack granules manually
  • No user packing variability and greater duration consistency
  • No CO2 absorbent material channelling and early CO2 break through from settling
  • Water tolerant; the hazard of a caustic cocktail is significantly reduced
  • Flooded breathing loop is recoverable allowing a mission to be safely aborted
  • Lack of dust compared to granules (allows canister packing aboard submarines)
  • Excellent shock and vibration resistance


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