OARS lifting bags

Incorporating lightweight, 300 bar composite cylinders, the Ordnance Automatic Recovery System (OARS) saves significantly on weight and size.

The Ordnance Automatic Recovery System (OARS) is a development of the operationally proven system that is in-service with various NATO navies. Fully NATO codified, OARS is itself in service with prominent navies including NATO navies.

OARS was designed to provide a safe and reliable means of remotely lifting and lowering ordnance of up to 1000kg mass from, and to, a depth of 80 metres.

OARS in operation OARS in operation OARS OARS

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Item Order code
OARS 500kg c/w transport case TL201AB
OARS 1000kg c/w transport case TL200AB
Tidal lift kit TL172



Type Document Download
Datasheet OARS lifting bags

TL-MDS-735 R2