Shadow NAV

Shadow NAV is a unique optical display module which provides a clear visual display to divers even in low visibility environments. 

Military combat divers often conduct underwater missions in hazardous and zero visibility conditions. Critical to mission success is having accurate underwater compass and depth readings to assist with navigation while minimising the risk of detection.

Traditional compasses can be virtually useless in these conditions even with auxiliary illumination.

Developed in collaboration with Military personnel, Shadow NAV provides a practical solution for divers operating in low visibility conditions.



The Shadow NAV has been developed as part of a collaboration between JFD and the US Navy, Naval Surface Warfare Centre, Panama City Division (NSWCPCD). The project started in direct response to industry requirement and the US Navy technical development team worked closely alongside military divers to develop a practical solution which has both military and non-military applications. 

JFD has over 30 years experience in developing market leading products for both military and commercial diving industries and so was the ideal partner to further develop the technology and create a product fit for market. 

The product was awarded the 2018 Excellence in Technology Award by the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC).


Product Overview

The Shadow NAV is a micro display module which mounts on the side of a low-volume dive mask allowing hands-free navigation diving capability. The display can be flipped up and down allowing the diver to see vital readings as required while maintaining freedom of movement. 

The system can be switched on and off by the diver and the display brightness can be adjusted. Low light characters reduce light signature and preserve the diver's night vision.

The screen displays compass heading with navigation lock, diver depth (in either feet or metres), time in minutes and seconds and a remaining battery life icon. 




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DB100-MDS-6699 R1

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