Dual Mode Bite Mouthpiece Assembly

Perfectly balanced for optimum diver comfort and simple single action changeover provides a seamless transition between primary and secondary gas supplies.

The Dual Mode BMA (Bite Mouthpiece Assembly) can be used on all Stealth rebreather variants for use in conjunction with a half mask to provide the diver with the switching capability between closed circuit and open circuit modes without removal of the mouthpiece. 



The design is a hybrid of the proven Stealth closed circuit Bite Mouthpiece Assembly (BMA) and the Second Stage Demand Valve from the Stealth Dual Mode Mask (DMM) so delivers the superior breathing performance, compact design and ease of operation as standard on all JFD military life support equipment. Tested to achieve full compliance to all relevant standards to 100msw and simple integration into all existing and new Stealth systems, further enhances diver safety and system commonality that allows full compatibility with additional systems such as the External Breathing System (XBS) and Surface Supply Bail-Out System.




  • Max Depth 100msw

  • Low Work of Breathing

  • Non-Magnetic

  • Full compatibility with Stealth products




Closed circuit mode
Open circuit mode





  • 100msw using Heliox or Trimix as Diluent Gas on Closed Circuit
  • 60msw using Air, Heliox or Trimix as Diluent Gas on Closed Circuit
  • 100msw using Heliox or Trimix on Open Circuit
  • 60msw using Air, Heliox or Trimix on Open Circuit
  • Exceeds all relevant breathing performance requirements including EN14143 and   EN250
  • Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
  • Air temperature -20°C to +50°C
  • Seawater temperature -1.7°C to +38°C
  • Freshwater temperature +1°C to +38°C
  • Non-Magnetic to STANAG 2897 Class A / AEODP-7 Class A
  • Low noise to NATO STANAG 1158 / AMP 15 in Closed Circuit Mode
  • Complaint to all relevant Shock and Vibration Defence Standards
  • Compliant to all relevant Environmental Testing Defence Standards


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