Kirby Morgan® accessories

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The range of Kirby Morgan® accessories allows you to adapt your helmet depending on the work you are conducting, allowing greater use from your helmet.

The range includes adjustment tools, strap kit and welding and hotwater shrouds.

Kirby Morgan® hot water shroud Kirby Morgan® welding lens assembly Kirby Morgan® regulator adjustment tool kit Kirby Morgan® SL-17 strap kit Kirby Morgan® helmet / mask carrying bag

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KM-47 Weld Shield - Prod.jpg

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17B Strap Kit - Prod.jpg

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Item JFD order code Kirby Morgan® order code
Hot water shroud DE100 525-100
Welding lens assembly DE103 525-403
Weld lens, shade 5 light DX7426 525-405
Weld lens, shade 10 medium DX7427 525-406
Weld lens, shade 12 dark DX10031 424-407
Regulator adjustment tool kit DE1441 525-620
Yoke strap - SL-17 strap kit DE1098 505-134
Yoke strap guide - SL-17 strap kit DE1097 505-138
Helmet mounted chin strap - SL-17 strap kit DE1099 505-130
Yoke strap and chin strap kit - SL-17 strap kit DE1096 525-234
Helmet / mask carrying bag DE904 -



Type Document Download
Datasheet Kirby Morgan® accessories

DE-MDS-619 R0