Demand Regulator Test Facility (DRTF)

The Demand Regulator Test Facility (DRTF) is a fully integrated laboratory system offering the capability to measure the dynamic performance of new and serviced SCUBA demand regulators to 80msw (dry) at the maximum ventilation requirements of EN250:2014.

  • View real time displays:
  • Mouthpiece pressure
  • Chamber depth
  • Interstage pressure
  • Breathing volume
  • HP cylinder pressure
  • Pressure-Volume plot

DRTS incorporates the instrumentation and automated test sequence controls, pneumatic systems and chamber depth controller.

The test vessel is fitted with a quick release lid system and automatic Chamber Depth Control (CDC) to ensure accurate and safe testing.

ANSTI DRTF datasheet.jpg


  • Combines the effectiveness of a compact horizontal test pressure vessel with a fixed 2.5 litre displacement breathing machine test

  • Used by manufacturers for both the initial phase of product development and for routine testing of production demand regulators

  • Quickly identify regulators passing / failing specified test criteria and to print Test Certificates

  • Selectable breathing rate providing ventilations in the range of 25 to 100 litres per minute

  • Chamber depth can be pre-set and adjusted during testing

  • User-friendly, accurate test method displays standard Pressure-Volume plot with corresponding performance of the first stage output pressure

  • Easy archival, retrieval and printing test results displays from PC archive


The Breathing Simulator is constructed from Hard Anodised Aluminium / Stainless Steel and rated to a maximum working pressure of 8 bar. Mounted on a machined, solid base plate it is designed and built for maximum robustness, reliability, and longevity.

Micro-switches and lights indicate when the chamber is fully closed and engaged so pressurisation can proceed.



Target equipment EN250:2014 demand regulators
Breathing rate, breaths per minute Selectable 10 to 40
Tidal volume, litres Fixed 2.5
Simulated depth, msw 80 (dry)

vessel internal

Diameter (mm) 265
Height (mm) 325
Orientation Horizontal