Release date: 15 August 2016

Pelican Summer 2016 released

James Fisher and Sons have released the Summer 2016 edition of their newsletter: Pelican.

Pelican summer 2016 PI.jpgPelican is their quarterly newsletter which lists news from all the James Fisher group of companies.  The publication provides a regular update of news and views from across the organisation.

Read the Summer 2016 Pelican.

The Summer 2016 edition includes exciting stories such as:

  • JFD's rescue service rises to the top
  • Shark watch: intelligent buoys boost protection
  • Radiating experience
  • Under the surface with Frank Dekker regional manager with Subtech Mozambique
  • Marine renewable energy expertise
  • Clearing the seas of unexploded wartime debris
  • Future stars
  • E.ON awards pontoon deal
  • New alliance: hands under the sea
  • Hello sailors
  • An Italian story
  • Topping the tidal charts
  • Singapore sling
  • Comfort under pressure
  • Visionary acquisition
  • Hooking up in Pengerang
  • Lifting the weight of responsibility