Release date: 6 September 2019 

JFD's range of Diver Recovery Harnesses enhanced to comply with new CE regulations 

The JFD Diver Recovery Harness range has been enhanced to comply with the new CE regulations. The range was reviewed, retested and recertified to conform to the Personal Protective Equipment European regulation 2016/425 and satisfies the essential requirements of BS EN 15333-1-2008.

Significant upgrades and further improvements have been made to all five variants.

JFD rationalised their harness range enabling all harnesses to be fully adjustable to all body sizes.

Each of the three certified recovery points have been load tested and passed at 900kg (9000 newtons) with easy accessibility to a rescuer with the wearer in any orientation. This allows a rescuer to assist the distressed diver by connecting a lifeline to any of the recovery points.

The range of harnesses allows attachment and removal of items of diving apparatus, if required, freeing up the diver’s hands to undertake their task at hand. 

The harnesses have been designed to serve divers working in extreme conditions subsea, highlighting JFD’s unwavering commitment for setting the highest standard for safety, quality, performance and reliability of products and services for commercial divers globally. 

To ensure the highest standards are achieved; all JFD harnesses are made completely in-house with design, testing and manufacturing undertaken at JFD facilities. JFD’s Diver Recovery Harness range has been in operation for over 30 years and supplies significant quantities of their recovery harnesses to the market globally each year. Plenty of stock of our harnesses is held at our Aberdeen facility.

The harnesses are popular for their robustness and durability serving a maximum total lifespan of 10 years and maximum in-service life of 5 years which is in line with IMCA requirements. JFD’s aspiration towards continual improvements of safety standards for all divers and diving operators is of paramount importance in protecting life at sea.

The range includes:

D2 bell recovery jacket, non-ditch pocket, CE marked [Part no: DD061022-CE]
DD15 recovery tool harness, CE marked [Part no: DD061035-CE]
MK2 recovery harness with campack, CE marked [Part no: DE392K-CE]
MK4 Arvest harness with campack and fixed pockets, CE marked [Part no: DE394K-CE]
MK5 Arvest harness with campack and ditchable pockets, CE marked [Part no: DE395K-CE]

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