Release date: 23 August 2016

JFD launches new website

JFD is pleased to announce the launch of the new JFD website,, in early July.

11 JFD new website - news.jpgSince the merger of Divex, James Fisher Defence and the National Hyperbaric Centre into one company, there has been a requirement to consolidate the websites into one, conveying the united company that we are today.

The new site is designed to be clean and easy to navigate; and the search tool at the top of the page allows for quick sourcing of information.  It is designed to exhibit all of our capabilities and to demonstrate why JFD is one of the world’s leading subsea operations and manufacturing companies.

This will be the new central website for JFD; encompassing information from Divex, James Fisher Defence and the National Hyperbaric Centre. It will be the only website used by the company going forward, and all existing domains and websites shall be redirected to this new one.

The website has been created in the James Fisher and Sons template and we worked very closely with Group to deliver a website that adheres to all of their guidelines and that is fully functional for its purpose.

In order to have the site ready for launch we reviewed the products that were added onto the site and initially only added the most prominent ones.  The remaining products shall be added imminently.  In the meantime, if you cannot find something you are looking for; please do not hesitate to contact Marketing using the email address below.

The new website is mobile-friendly, making it compatible for use on smart phones and tablets.

The website is still quite new and, as such, there may be some initial teething problems. We kindly ask that you highlight any of these to us by emailing

All information previously available on the legacy websites is available on the new JFD site; datasheets and manuals are all listed on their respective product pages.  The layout is slightly different so we’ve put together an overview sheet, click here to view, which briefly details what you can find in each section, and which we hope is useful.

The website is a big step forward in increasing the brand awareness for JFD and providing one central point for information.

If you have any questions or items you’d like to highlight , we’d be very keen to hear from you.  Please contact us by emailing