Release date: 16 January 2020

JFD acquires the business of Ansti Test Systems Ltd to further enhance product testing capabilities

2020 Ansti banner.jpg

JFD, the world leading underwater capability provider serving the commercial and defence diving markets and part of James Fisher and Sons plc, today announced the acquisition of the business, including all intellectual property rights and assets, of Ansti Test Systems Ltd, an independent global designer and manufacturer of test facilities for performance measurement of underwater breathing apparatus.

The acquisition, which significantly enhances JFD’s global product testing capabilities and services, is part of the company’s long-term ambition to provide underwater diving equipment with unparalleled safety and performance, protecting and preserving life in the harshest marine environments to define the limits of product performance under a variety of conditions.

Ansti Test Systems provides turnkey packages which utilise computerised data acquisition techniques to display the performance of breathing apparatus under test, in real time. The systems can be configured to meet bespoke requirements for any diving equipment and life support systems, ensuring a wide range of equipment can be tested to a varied selection of British, European and Worldwide standards and regulations.  All services are delivered in the strictest confidence.

Giovanni Corbetta, Managing Director, JFD, said:

 “Ansti Test Systems comes with a strong track record in underwater diving testing including a global client base spanning over 60 organisations, more than 5,000 regulator tests for SCUBA manufacturers worldwide, and technical consultancy for various diving related projects. This extensive experience complements JFD’s existing subsea support operations and will provide a significant contribution to our long-term ambition of protecting and preserving lives in the commercial and defence industries.”

As part of the acquisition both Ian Himmens and Stan Ellis will work with JFD on a consultancy basis to assist during the transition period and beyond.

JFD operates at the forefront of innovation and, using its market knowledge and long experience, the company continually looks to set new standards in the delivery of comprehensive diving systems, technologies and training. This acquisition cements the role of JFD in ensuring the underwater equipment on the market are of the highest safety standards and continue to break new ground in safety and protecting life at sea.