Release date: 19 March 2020


CoVid-19 – Update on continuity of operations from JFD

We want to thank you for your continued support during this challenging time due to the global outbreak of COVID-19.

The JFD Leadership Team is closely monitoring the status of the outbreak and its potential impact on our customers, supply chain and our industry. We can confirm that plans are in place and activated to ensure business continuity at JFD and that we are running all activities as far as possible in line with these plans.

JFD remains fully committed to delivering the highest safety standards in the defence and offshore industries, therefore our emergency services, submarine rescue and hyperbaric rescue, will continue to be manned and operate as required. However, non-essential activities may be postponed, especially in circumstances where personnel are required to be on site, or move between countries that are in lockdown or have border closures. We will also monitor supply chain activity and provide you with updates on any changes or potential delays.

We would like to reassure you that JFD has a robust business continuity plan and is taking preventive measures to limit the potential spread of the disease within our locations. We do not foresee any office or site closures, unless this is imposed by Governments. We have implemented travel restrictions in accordance with Government guidance and we will be evaluating and updating our response to the outbreak on a daily basis.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers remains our top priority and we are complying with all Government advice and recommendations associated with the operation of our business.

In line with this, and like many other businesses, the majority of our staff are working from home, but all main reception phone lines are manned, and receptionists will be able to forward your call to the relevant person.

We will be in regular contact as the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve – and, hopefully abate – in order to keep you informed of developments.

For more information, visit our dedicated website page for regular updates:

Giovanni Corbetta

Managing Director