Webinar: Royal Navy Human Oxygen Diving Experiments of World War Two

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Paul Haynes, JFD’s Special Operations Capability Manager, is delivering the second in a series of diving special interest webinars.

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Royal Navy Human Oxygen Diving Experiments of World War Two
About the webinar  

Driven by war time operational requirements, following a series of diving accidents, some of which were fatal, in the early 1940’s the UK Royal Navy undertook an extensive programme of manned Oxygen toxicity diving experiments to determine ‘safe’ Oxygen exposure limits. Eight decades later, these experiments still stand today as the defining work in Oxygen toxicity in man.

This fascinating talk presented by Paul Haynes, a Special Operations military diving specialist and CCR Instructor Trainer, examines the key findings of these experiments and their relevance for today’s nitrox / rebreather / technical diver.

Webinar date Wednesday 14 April 2021
Webinar time 1930
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