Release date: 14 November 2018

Russian Navy performs record deep dive using JFD saturation diving system and SLS MK IV bailout rebreather system

In an historic development in subsea safety, divers from Russia's Pacific Fleet recently achieved a record deep dive, reaching a depth of 416 metres in the Sea of Japan - the first time in the history of the Russian Navy that a dive of this depth has been achieved.

The dive was performed using JFD’s 12-man saturation diving system rated to 450m water depth and SLS MK IV bail out rebreather system.

Designed and manufactured by JFD, the saturation diving systems used onboard the Igor Belousov (Submarine Rescue Ship) provide the Russian Navy with an advanced diving rescue capability for distressed submariners that drives significant improvements in subsea safety standards. The unique design of the saturation diving systems mean they can accommodate up to 12 divers, allowing for three-man bell excursions to be conducted to depths of up to 450msw, facilitating safe access to stricken submariners in the fastest possible time. The system has also the capability to safely accommodate up to 60 rescued submariners in the chamber complex to allow for a safe decompression process following a rescue.

The SLS MK IV bail out rebreather system is an emergency breathing apparatus intended for use in the event of a fundamental failure of a diver’s primary life support umbilical. The system has been developed to enhance diver safety even in the extreme depths of the world's most hostile environments, ensuring subsea operations can be carried out safely and efficiently. The system is also the precursor of JFD's COBRA bailout rebreather system.

Conducted from the Igor Belousov rescue ship, the successful completion of the record dive was marked by the divers placing the Russian flag at the dive site.


Pacific Fleet frogmen dive at record depth of 416m in Sea of Japan

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