Release date: 05 May 2016


JFD launches pioneering medial training course

JFD, the leading global subsea operations and engineering company, has today announced the launch of the Offshore Medic Diving Awareness course at its National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC), Aberdeen.

News story 6 - body image.jpgThe course has been pioneered by JFD experts at the NHC to drive improvements in safety standards in offshore diving, and will ensure that the designated offshore medic has the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with emergent and potentially life-threatening situations.

The National Hyberbaric Centre Offshore Medic Diving Awareness course (OMDA) combines intensive practical training with detailed theoretical modules, which are delivered by NHC experts, to provide a high-quality and comprehensive course. The OMDA course gives participants a thorough understanding and practical experience of a broad range of key diving processes and vital life-saving procedures.

Delegates are trained in a variety of critical areas.  This includes diving legislation and safety, basic anatomy and physiology, life support services, diving related injury or illness, assessment and treatment of pressure related injuries, barotrauma, decompression illness, competency in the use of a telemedicine system, and the safe handling of patients in confined spaces such as saturation chambers. Upon successful completion of the course delegates receive an Institute of Remote Healthcare (IRHC) approved Training Assurance Certificate™ (TRaC).

Giovanni Corbetta, managing director, JFD, said:

“We have developed the NHC OMDA course in conjunction with experienced diving doctors and leading experts to ensure that it is a comprehensive training service which will result in significant improvements in safety standards in the offshore diving industry. Our experts at NHC have combined years of experience with vital practical knowledge to deliver a pioneering new course that will ensure offshore medics have the skills and knowledge they require to deal with any emergent situation.”

The OMDA course utilises facilities available at the NHC, including the unique Saturation Diving System comprising of two 8-man twin lock living chambers. National Hyperbaric Centre was acquired by JFD in February 2015 to broaden the company’s portfolio of services offered to customers in the oil and gas, hyperbaric medical, and defence markets.

Upcoming pilot course date: 6th – 10th June 2016.  Book now by emailing