Loud and clear

Case study 13 - body image.jpgHeliCom™ Matrix to be used at one of world’s largest defence hyperbaric training facilities.

Divex has supplied the US Navy with its industry leading HeliCom™ Matrix communications system. The system, designed by the Divex electrical team led by Steven Coull (engineering office manager at the Aberdeen-based diving equipment specialist), allows divers to communicate more effectively, so dramatically improving welfare and safety for divers at one of the largest defence-related hyperbaric training facilities in the world.

When working at extreme depths, divers gas supply contains a mixture of oxygen and helium which can distort their voice. To counteract this, the system uses advanced digital signal processing techniques that reverse the voice distortion, making the divers easier to understand.

As well as allowing divers to communicate effectively with others in the chamber complex, HeliCom™ Matrix allows improved contact with family and friends via the telephone and entertainment system.